Think back to this weekend, did you possibly get a watered down drink or pure mixer in your cola and rum? Well, perhaps you did one of these terrible things on this list.

  1. Leave chewed on straws or torn up coasters at the bar...seriously, clean up after yourself!
  2. Snap or whistle at the bartender. They're NOT your pet...HELLO!
  3. Turn the bar into PDA central. GET A ROOM!
  4. Ordering "bartender's choice". It's one thing if it's on a drink special board. However, if the bar is crowded and you're asking them to choose what to make for're a douche.
  5. Stepping behind the bar. This one goes without saying.
  6. Ordering a tall drink and then saying there's not enough booze. A tall means more mixer...not more liquor.
  7. Be shocked that the bar doesn't have this super rare scotch you's a bar...and unless it's a scotch bar...don't be surprised.
  8. Order 1 drink at a time...if you need 6 different items...just tell them all at once. Most bartenders are excellent multi-taskers.


You can see the rest of the list HERE!