We are counting down the 5 best Connie and Fish videos of 2018!  Coming in at #4 is Connie and Fish's offensive version of "Baby It's Cold Outside."  If you haven't heard, radio stations across the country were pulling the song because people were complaining that it was offensive.  We didn't think it was, so we decided to make it offensive.

We found out that a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio banned the song "Baby it's Cold Outside" after a listener called in and complained that it was offensive. Why is it offensive, you ask? Because the lyrics suggest that the guy is being way too pushy and trying to convince the woman in the song to spend the night. After the song was banned, the radio station put up a poll asking if the song was offensive and an overwhelming 94% of the respondents said that it wasn't. What do you think? If you think the song is not offensive, be sure to watch the video because Fish made a version that truly is offensive!