We are counting down the 5 best Connie and Fish videos of 2018!  Coming in at #5 is a look inside of our building at the end of 2018.  Steve decided to take you on a tour of what our workplace looks like.  Turns out, it isn't that nice and we weren't over exaggerating when we talked about what it is like working there.

Steve decided to give you a tour of the building we work in every day because when we get back from Christmas vacation, it should look wildly different. This is in the midst of a ton of work being done on our floor. This whole process of working in a construction zone has been quite the adventure and this last week has been the hardest part. So here is the final look at our floor before we get our interior redone.

And if you wanted to know what it looked like just a year ago, here is a video of Connie and Fish giving your a tour of the building.