Growing up, I loved "The Baby-Sitter's Club" books.

I bought every one almost as soon as it came out, I asked for them for Christmas and my birthday. In fact, I haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of them.

They're still in my parents' basement, and every time my mom asks me if she can get rid of them, I tell her absolutely not. I also had the board game, though I don't think I ever learned how to play it.

Well, my older brother decided to buy them for my niece to read, since she's really into reading, and it dawned on me; half of the stuff in those books won't make any sense to her!

Technology has made something I loved as a child completely obsolete!

  • Scholastic Books
    Scholastic Books

    Why Do They Have To Have Weekly Meetings?

    In this day and age, a babysitter's club wouldn't necessarily have to have weekly meetings. They could just do a conference call, send group texts, or if they wanted to get really fancy Skype themselves in. Heck, they could even do a Google+ hangout if they were so inclined. The modern-day babysitter's club wouldn't really even have to see each other. Ever.

  • Columbia Pictures
    Columbia Pictures

    Why Do They Have To Write Out Their Calendar?

    Anything handwritten is kind of lost on kids these days. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that kids are taught to type at a relatively early age. In the computer age, a written calendar wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. They could just use an online calendar. Or set appointments in their phones.

  • Columia Pictures
    Columia Pictures

    Why Do They Only Have That One Phone?

    In the books, the only phone they really had for the Babysitter's Club was a landline that was installed in Claudia's bedroom (which was also their meeting place). There are some kids in this day in age who have never even seen a landline phone, let alone used one. In the age of cell phones, with kids getting them earlier and earlier, there would be no need for such a thing.

  • Columbia Pictures
    Columbia Pictures

    They Don't Need Some Sort Of License To Run A Summer Camp?

    These days, you need a license for everything! For one, I'm sure that these girls aren't licensed child care professionals. Also, I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to run a summer camp, you would have to have some sort of license, probably a permit from the city, etc.

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