Washing your face is hopefully part of your daily routine, but according to a new study turns out we may have been doing them wrong.

YahooBeauty.com has found 4 mistakes that we are most likely making everyday when washing our face. This is especially concerning for people who have skin issues and have been trying to correct them with no avail.

So hopefully this list will help you correct some mistakes you might be making.

The four mistakes are below:

1.  Not washing your hands first: this can cause you to be rubbing more bacteria and oil into your face if your hands are dirty

2.  Exfoliating too much: Though it is good, you need to space it out because doing it everyday it dries out your skin

3.  Scrubbing too hard: It's a myth that scrubbing harder cleans your face more it can actually cause more wrinkles.

4.  Using cold water: Another myth is that cold water helps tighten pores while washing but it turns out warm water helps open your pores so you should rinse with cold because it tightens your pores

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