It's the holiday season and that means that it is time again for Connie and Fish Christmas Kids!  For the people who are not  in the know, Connie and Fish Christmas Kids is a charity toy, clothes, and other odds and ends drive for foster kids and families  Connie and Fish Christmas Kids kicked off on November 25th and will last through December 18th.

And since we are right in the middle of the drive, we thought that we would give you a little bit of a behind the scenes look into Connie and Fish Christmas Kids.  What happens first, is awesome listeners and members of the Click of Six like you head over to the Christmas Kids Wish List or the Amazon Registry or to and pick out some things to donate.

Then, those donations are sent to Kent County DHHS Offices at 121 Franklin St SE #200, Grand Rapids, MI 49507.

Connie and Fish Christmas Kids

After those gifts arrive, they are given out to the Kent County Elves (or KDHHS workers, we aren't quite sure exactly who handles the gifts) and they are divided up into gift packs for kids who are entering into the foster system.

Connie and Fish Christmas Kids

The gifts are divided up into different age groups so that they can easily be packed up and ready to go if the child entering foster care is 2, 12, or even 17.

Connie and Fish Christmas Kids

And then, these gifts are dropped off at the foster family's house so that they can give them to their new foster child. And just like that, the child has some fun new things that they can enjoy during a very hard time in their life.

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