A shelter-in-place order has been sent out to nearby residents in Spring Lake Township. An armed suspect is barricaded inside a house near Spring Lake.

Around 2am this morning, a traffic stop resulted in a short pursuit of a wanted man. The man went inside a house. A woman who is in a relationship with the suspect was inside the house but later exited around 6 a.m.

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Ottawa Co. Sheriff’s deputies are on scene right now on Palm & Hoffmaster Drive near Spring Lake Township where they’re negotiating with the man.

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Residents near the area of Palm Drive between Hoffmaster Drive and 7400 Palm Drive are asked to shelter in place in their homes. Palm Drive is closed due to the incident. Drivers are asked to avoid the area and seek an alternative route.


Capt. Jake Sparks said police are currently negotiating with the suspect who is still barricaded inside.


As of 10am during call into the Ottawa County Sherriff's Department, the stand-off was still taking place. I was directed to the Ferrysburg Fire Department who are handling  questions from press, however my call went unanswered.

This is a developing story. Check for updates. To gather information, check here.

Residents are still advised to avoid the area and use an alternate route.

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