Throughout ArtPrize, we will have an ArtPrize award-winning artist on the show to talk about cool art installations to check out around town.  Jeffrey Songco has had several different ArtPrize installations throughout the years.  This year, Jeffrey won't have an installation because he won the Installation Category Juried Award last year.

Jeffrey will be hanging out with us throughout ArtPrize and telling us about all the happenings around town.

Today, he talked about the turnout for the first day of ArtPrize, told us about some awesome events this weekend, and told us about some cool installations to check out.

Here they are:

  • The Word on the Street - The installations are red and white street signs, green highway signs, and other road signs in the outdoor spaces around the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  The signs messages are replaced with messages of hope.  The installation was done by Scott Froschauer.
  • Process and Presence Fashion Show - DisArt is hosting the fashion show at Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park Saturday, September 22nd at 7 PM.  Their "fashion shows aren’t meant to inspire audiences through a parade of Disabled people in fancy clothes. Instead, they are intentionally designed events meant to explore the sometimes awkward but always innovative fusion of disability and style.”
  • SiTE:LAB - Site:Lab is always a big venue with big installations. They weren’t here last year so now they’re back at a huge 70k sq/ft abandoned high school.  The installation is located at 415 Franklin St SE, Grand Rapids.

Listen to the segment below: