Today on the show we found an interesting little fact about kissing. We learned that about 2/3 of people think they are a good kisser. We had to dive deeper into this so we asked everyone on the show if they thought they were good kissers, and everyone said yes. So, then we pivoted to the Click of Six and asked if anyone thought they were a bad kisser. That's when Anna called in and told us her boyfriend hasn't kissed her in 2 years because he says she is a bad kisser. We coached her on how to be a better kisser and hopefully she tries out our tips and reports back. Also on the show, we help a member of the Click of Six deal with something that has been weighing on her conscience, Christine complains about doing laundry for Christine-ology, and Fish tells a story from the weekend about how his friend was a hero on the freeway. All of that and much more on today's show!

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