The website Thrillist compiled a list of the ranking 19 beaches in the state of Michigan. And of course West Michigan holds many spots on the lists, including the top four! The website took more than just the beach into consideration though. They also based their rankings on "the essential elements of great food, great booze, and water..."

I will say I was surprised that my former home, Ludington, was only ranked 14. I was sure it would've been higher because walking to the lighthouse along Lake Michigan was one of my favorite things to do while I lived there. Although, I agree that there isn't much to do there, if we're basing it on the beaches, Ludington definitely should've been higher on the list.

Not too far from Ludington, Pentwater placed at #10. If you haven't visited Pentwater it's a must! Although another small town, it is so beautiful! Unlike Ludington, you can actually sit at a restaurant that overlooks the beach.

The top 4 West Michigan beaches were:

  1. Grand Haven
  2. Muskegon
  3. Holland
  4. Saugatuck/Douglas

Personally, Saugatuck should've had that #2 spot. I don't ever recall being mesmerized by the beaches of Muskegon. Am I missing something?

Do you agree with Thrillist?