This past Sunday CBS aired a short montage of the racist and other nasty comments made by some of the house guests this season.

At first, it seemed that CBS and Big Brother were not going to make the racist, homophobic and other negative comments a part of the show. However, after quite a large outcry from Big Brother fan sites CBS aired about a 2 minute montage during the program last night (Sunday 7/7). The montage mainly focused on Aaryn (who, naturally is the Head of Household this week) who has been the person making most of the comments.

You can read all the comments here. We don't want to repost them here as most of them are pretty nasty.

However, just know that a person in the house who isn't a straight Caucasian has probably been bashed by Aaryn.

Another girl, Gina-Marie has also been caught by the 24/7 feeds making some racist remarks.

Both girls have been let go from their employers outside of the house. Big surprise awaits them when they're evicted.