I came across a post in the We Are Westsiders Facebook page, that would have me so upset if it had happened to me, so I'm hoping someone can help the original poster out.

Jessica Gatrell posted a video of a blue, four-door pick-up truck sideswipe her parked car, get out take a look at the damage and then get back in his truck and drove off.

Jessica said in her Facebook post that the driver hit her car hard enough it not only moved the vehicle, but also took off her front end, so his truck definitely has damage on the right side, and I'm not a detective, but I'd say you'll probably see some silver paint as well.

The comments below the video debate on whether it's a Ford or a Dodge pickup, but I think it's a 4-door Toyota Tacoma.

Jessica Gatrell/Facebook
Jessica Gatrell/Facebook

I really hope this jerk is found, accidents happen, but to get out and look and then take off, you're special. And caught on camera.

If you do have any info that can help Jessica get the justice she deserves, please reach out to her through her Facebook account.

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