Let's be honest, even the threat of E.coli couldn't scare Chipotle's biggest fan (me) away. The CDC announced earlier today that Chipotle's E.coli scare is officially over, so now Chipotle's biggest fan (again, me) won't have to eat there alone anymore.

The end of Chipotle's multi-month battle with E.coli is finally here. After two outbreaks and at least 60 ill customers, Chipotle chose to close all of its locations on February 8 for a franchise-wide food safety meeting.

Although investigators were never able to identify the ingredient responsible for the outbreak, the CDC now believes the outbreaks are over. As a result, Chipotle's stock rose an estimated 4% today.

"We are pleased that the CDC has concluded its investigation, and we have offered our full cooperation throughout," Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold reported in a statement. "Over the past few months we have taken significant steps to improve the safety of all of the food we serve, and we are confident that the changes we have made mean that every item on our menu is delicious and safe."

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You can find out more in the video below, and read the CDC's final update on the outbreaks here.