Has your phone ever died and the first thing you thought was "hmmm... I really need KFC right now?"

Probably not. But just in case your phone does die you can now plug it into KFC's new limited edition "Watt-A-Box." A 5-in-1 Meal Box that also comes with a built-in charging port and USB cord. That way you can make sure your phone doesn't die while you're trying to Instagram your fried chicken.

The Watt-A-Box promotes "charge your phone while you eat." Well, duh, because who actually talks to each other in person anymore while eating?

As you can see in the commercial above, you'll never have to miss an important text again.

However, the Watt-A-Box is only available in India and a KFC spokesperson told Fortune that they have no intention on bringing it to the U.S. Sorry. Looks like you'll just have to deal with having a face-to-face conversation... without your phone.

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