When it comes to giving your pet a bath, it's expected with dogs but I've noticed that when I tell someone I give my cat a bath, the majority of people look at me like I'm weird.

I don't see what the big deal is... don't you want your cat to be clean and smell good? It's not like I bathe her everyday. Just when needed. Maybe once or twice a year. Three if necessary. This was my second time this year bathing my cat, Harlee. I gave her the full spa treatment - I clipped her nails, "FURminated" her, brushed her and then shampooed her.

If you're wondering why I tortured her and forced her into a bath it's because I'm going back to my parents house for the holiday weekend; and because my sister is allergic to cats, a bath usually helps reduce the amount of dander. Plus, she smells beautiful :)

Am I alone on this? Do you bathe your cat? Take the poll below.