Ok, this weeks Pet of the Week has got to be my favorite!! This little kitty is SOOOO cute!! I know I need to be writing this post for you but I secretly want her for myself. I've been contemplating if I should go down to the Humane Society of West Michigan and adopt her. But if you beat me to the punch here's what you need to know about this precious little kitten:

She's an all white 3-month old kitten who's playful and loves to run around. She really is a curious cat she was exploring all over the studio. Her name is Colossian which is a really big name for such a little girl. Since she's so young she would adapt to a new name if you decided to change it.

Trudie informed me that the shelter has all types of animals but they have a TON of cats! And the cat special is still going on through the end of August. All cats 5 months and older are at a "Name Your Own Price" Special. Whatever you think the cat is worth, you donate! Just make sure to be generous because the shelter runs on donations and it goes towards the upkeep of providing the best quality care for the animals.

She refused to look at the camera

If you want to know more about Colossian call the Humane Society of West Michigan at 616.453.8900 or better yet go see her for yourself. You can also get more information about the shelter and all their animals by visiting the website here.