You may have noticed that Connie has been absent from the show for the last couple of weeks.  Fish and Steve were deliberately vague about why she wasn't on the show because Connie wanted to share the news herself.

So, yesterday she called in to the show to share her story and to tell the Click of Six why she has been gone.  Connie received news last week that doctors found cancer on her kidney and liver.  She was hospitalized for several days before returning home where she is awaiting a treatment plan from her oncologist.  You can listen to the entire conversation we had with Connie below.

Connie really appreciates all of the love, prayers, and thoughts that you are sending her way.  Since there have been so many messages, it has been hard to keep up, but just know that your message will make it to Connie.  We want to thank you all for your love, support, and well wishes.

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