Today on the show, we announced the passing of Connie Kellie. She passed at home surrounded by family and friends on Monday afternoon. We shared memories, stories, and condolences on the air with members of the Click of Six. Connie will be missed, but will never be forgotten.

Fish shared this on social media: "I remember when I met you. I remember how we clicked and became the best of friends immediately. I don’t remember everything about our hundreds of adventures over the years, but I do remember so many of them. You were the first person to give me a chance in radio. You were my first woman best friend. You are my sister, confidante, partner, teacher ... you are my family. I remember how you loved people and how many lives you touched. With your generous heart and even larger laugh, you brought joy to those who needed it the most. I am saddened more of the world didn’t get to experience your greatness. For those that have, they will agree: You are the most gifted person in our industry that I have ever met. I believe that you were put on this earth to provide happiness to those that needed it, to provide strength to those that may have been lacking and to provide love to those that would accept it. You opened doors for women in radio and open minds for women and men alike that it’s ok to be. To be with or have a strong woman in your house, life or company and embrace it wholeheartedly. Thank you Connie for our time. I love you and please, if you get a chance, tell my mother Hi and that I love her. If you don’t mind, use this time as the chance to fill her in on all the things I didn’t have the stones to tell her.

Love you miggie moo monie moo miggie moush moush"

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