Yesterday we had to share the news that Connie had passed. The show yesterday was pretty heavy and we thank everyone who participated. We shared memories, condolences, and stories about how Connie touched our lives. Today, we did the same but the tone had changed a little bit. Today we had the opportunity to talk with many of Connie's good friends, former co-workers, producers, and many others who shared time with Connie during her career. We hope you can take some joy from this show and smile as we look back at a true force in this world, Connie Kellie. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories yesterday and today. And if you didn't get a chance to share any stories yet, please feel free to call in tomorrow during the show and share yours. We know there are many more people who haven't had a chance yet so we are hoping you can do so soon.

Rest in peace, Connie. You touched so many lives and you will truly be missed, but never forgotten.

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