It's garage sale season and Curtis' sub-division is rocking the community wide garage sale!  The first day of sales netted a whopping $4, but it was raining out.  And yesterday he almost doubled his revenue by pulling in $7 in total.  Big sales have to be in Curtis' future, right?

Well, probably not...  Curtis did have one gem at his garage sale, but a dealer showed up and silently found the one item that he could have sold for big bucks!  What was the diamond in the ruff?  It was none other than the 90's mega hit board game, Dream Phone!  Yeah, you read that right.  Dream Phone is actually considered "vintage" by some people now and some copies of the game are being sold on ebay for anywhere between $50-$100!  What the heck!?

So after two days of garage sale, Curtis has grossed $11!  Actually, he did a little bit of shopping with his wife yesterday and picked up a yard game for $5, so they are actually only up $6...   The yard game he got, it was Yolf.