I've been single for about 2 years now, I've gone on ONE date, my friends are asking me what's up. Here's the deal...

DATING SUCKS! There are no other words to describe it, and I don't think I'm the only one in the single pool singing those words.

I apologize if I come off cynical, I'm just speaking truth as a guy.

I had a profile up on Match.com for a bit, and I'm on Tinder. After reading through profiles of women on Match, I've just come to the conclusion that I can't do it. I don't want to be the guy that completes you, that's not romantic. Shouldn't you be complete on your own and seek a partner who adds to your life? I don't feel why it's important that I do or don't have a degree, or why I should explain it. Has online dating always been like a job interview?

What really threw me over the edge were the profiles that had the words "impress me" written in them. As Louis C.K. so brilliantly said, "Why do I need to impress you? Can't you impress me for once?" I've got a good full time job in a career I've held of 15 years, your move!

Now, I'm not saying I'll never date again, but I've learned quickly that the online dating world is NOT for me.

I will say, I'm glad I've beat the curse of always NEEDING someone. Talk about feeling truly free. So please don't read this and think I'm seeking pity, I 100% enjoy the cards that I've been dealt and love being single for now; but the shallowness of the adult dating world is fun to rant about.

Side note: Tinder matched me up with a pre-op Tranny this weekend, so there's that.

What's Your Online Dating Horror Story?