With how bad the Detroit Lions have been doing this season it's no surprise they're causing people to hit the bottle and get a little tipsy.

A new study done by the BACtrack found that Lions fans are the 2nd most drunk fans in the NFL on Sunday's. Lions fans have an average blood alcohol level of .069% while the Buffalo Bills came in at first with a BAC level of .076%

According to the report they compiled their data by using:

...Twitter's map of NFL fan allegiance in order to associate BAC results with NFL teams across the country. BAC data points are collected anonymously from users of BACtrack Mobile, BACtrack's award-winning smartphone breathalyzer, and BACtrack Vio. "

In case you're wondering, the team with the least drunk fans belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals (0.015%), who just happen to be undefeated right now. Notice the correlation?

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