If you came out to the II5k on Saturday, thanks for coming and having fun with us! If you missed it, here's a little bit of what you missed, so you can plan on joining us next year for this insanely fun 5k!

We had cool things to check out, fun rides like the zipline, the bike-go-around-thingy-that-I-can't-remember-the-real-name-of, and more! There was a beer garden for a refreshment after your run, and great food, too!

Of course, the Insane Inflatables 5k part was the most fun, with so many great obstacles for you to conquer along the way. People were having a great time bouncing on these giant inflatables!

It's like a kid's birthday party, but for everyone. So much fun.

Make plans to join us next year for more!

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