It is time again for another Connie and Fish Saturday Rewind show that features all of the rewinds we played during the week. This week's featured rewind is a segment when Fish's wife, Alicia, first decided to get a horse. But, this isn't when she first decided to buy a horse, instead it is when she leased a horse. In the beginning of the bit, Fish "told" Alicia that she could lease a horse, but she couldn't buy one. Well, jokes on Fish now, because a couple years later Alicia did end up buying a horse and now the two are the proud owners of a beautiful horse named Latina. Also on the show, Steve tells a story when his wife, Brittainy, caught their lawnmower on fire, we learned the secret meaning behind the phrase "Mmmmmm Bop" from the popular Hanson song, and we shared an old Secrets segment where one listener talked about how she gets great butt rubs from her husband. All of that and much more on this week's Connie And Fish Saturday Rewind Show!

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