Life has changed for everyone with the spread of the coronavirus. For the first time, people are setting up shop at home and doing conference calls, video chats and more from home., where their kids and pets are also hanging out. Not the perfect situation, but we're all adjusting to the new "normal".

That feeling goes for everyone, as proof by a twitter post earlier from Kevin Whitmer, yes, same Whitmer as our Governor, it's her dog's Twitter account.

Tuesday afternoon the account posted that Kevin was sent outside because he wouldn't stop barking at reporters while his mom, Governor Whitmer was trying to talk to them on the phone.

I like the caption though,

how else. is kevin supposed. to tell them. they are GREAT!!! and that. i love them???????????

It's too bad it wasn't a video interview, because that would be great to see the Governor say " Excuse me just a sec, let me let the dog out so he'll quit barking."  Then you see her leave the screen.  I've seen that happen twice now on video calls, so it would be awesome to see someone of that nature have to do the same. Ah, working from home.

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