The city of Grand Rapids breeds greatness. It is just a fact!

A Grand Rapids film producer is heading back to Sundance Film Festival with a movie that was made right here in Michigan!

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The best part is this will be his third time back at the legendary indie movie festival!


Belcher told WTOL 11 the synopsis of To Live and Die and Live.

"It's based upon a true story of a filmmaker who travels home after losing a family member, and all the trials and tribulations that come when you deal with burying a loved one, and the family dynamics and all the behind the scenes things that happen."

According to Belcher, this movie also speaks on different issues that are extremely necessary to speak on. It

"touches on mental health, addiction, as well as health negligence, and breast cancer. So I think this is an opportunity for us to be able to utilize art to foster common listening to conversations that were impacted our society, and I'm most excited about that."

With this film being shot in Detroit, it is no surprise that the cast and crew were full of Grand Rapids and Detroit natives.

So this is a Michigan-made production through and through.




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That aspect is extremely important to Belcher when it comes to his filmmaking.

"I grew up in the special time of Grand Rapids in the early 90s. I attended Ottawa Hills and Creston. I had a very great childhood in Grand Rapids. Coming from Grand Rapids, and having that pedigree of going to Ottawa Hills, you know how to make things happen no matter what. And I think that Grand Rapids really helped build me to have a 'I'm never gonna give up' type of mentality."

Okay, confidence! We love to see it!

With well-known actors attached to the movie such as Forest Whitaker, Omari Hardwick, and Cory Hardict, this is definitely a must-see movie.

If you want to Belcher's film, you can watch it during the Sundance festival, in person, or virtually from January 24th until January 29th.

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