UPDATE (1/9/21): The owner has been found! Nearly a year after posting about this album, Mr. Pimpleton reached out to me. He's still in the area and will soon be reunited with his lost album. Thanks to everyone for sharing this story.

ORIGINAL STORY: A few years back, my boss purchased a car at auction and while going through it after he got it home, he discovered something - a photo album full of photos from a Michigan soldier's time spent in Vietnam.

Over time, he forgot about the album until he was moving some things around recently and came upon it. Now, we're hoping that we can get the album back to the man who lost it.

On the front, seemingly melted into the cover, are the words "souvenir of Vietnam". The soldier's name is scrawled on the inside of the cover, as well as some other information. His name? Don L. Pimpleton.

Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media

I wasn't sure what the rest of the text meant, so I consulted the only expert on military things that I know - my dad. He informed me that the number under his name was likely his service number. It also says that he was in B Company, 87th Engineer Battalion. Under that is a military address.

The second photo in the album is of a young woman and appears to be her school photo from when she attended Muskegon Heights High School in 1966-67. On the back, "To Donnie, my favorite cousin. From Shirley Williams" is written in pencil.

Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media

Another photo in the album appears to be of a soldier named Merritt, and on the back says, "To Don, From Merrit. One of my best friends" in dark pen, below that, in different handwriting, is written, "My Main Boy".

It's unclear if any of the photos contained in the album are actually of Mr. Pimpleton himself.

It seems that all of the photos in the album are not from Mr. Pimpleton's time in Vietnam. A more recent photo of a young man in a cap and gown appears to have been printed in 1994.

Wendy Reed/ Townsquare Media

I did some searching and it turns out that Mr. Pimpleton's name is not all that uncommon, so I couldn't be sure that any of the results that I found were the Donald Pimpleton that I was looking for.

Do you know who this man is? We would really love to get this album back into his hands or that of his family. If you have any information, please send me an email and hopefully we can get these mementos back into the right hands.