On Monday, Connie called in to the show and shared with the Click of Six that she has stage 4 incurable liver cancer.  And ever since she shared her cancer diagnosis, people have been asking us where and how they can send her messages.

Before we let you know where to send the messages, we want everyone to know that Connie really appreciates every message that she gets.  With so many messages coming in though, she probably won't have a chance to thank you directly, but know that she did see your message.

We wanted to give everyone who wants to reach out to her a few places where they can.  First, you are always welcome to mail the radio station with any cards or letters and Fish will bring them to her.  You can find the address for the station below, just address your letter to Connie Kellie.


Connie Kellie
37 Ottawa Ave NW
Suite 500
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Secondly, if you wanted to post a message on Facebook, we have a thread going from the announcement on Monday and it would be easiest for her to see if the messages were all in one place.  You can feel free to send messages on Facebook and/or leave comments in other places, but just know it is easiest for Connie to see in the thread below.


You can also email your message to Connie and we will make sure she sees it.  Send your emails to Email@ConnieAndFish.com.

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