Today's Text Question of the Day was a Christine creation and was based on a little drama in Hollywood. Megan Fox says that Brian Austin Green is trying to make her look like an “absentee mother” on social media. So, we wanted to know how you can relate.

How did your EX try and make you look bad?

  • He didn't, he wasn't that kind of guy! And he could've done so if he wanted to!!
  • Called cps 5 times in 3 years. Finally, he was told by friend of court told him if he filed another report he is going to jail
  • told all kinds of lies to new gf/wife and then she figured out his lies and cheating and dumped him too
  • He wanted me to keep close in his dresser for when I spent the night (we were young and he still lived at home with his parents, also I was friends with his brother and sister.) and when we broke up he would not give it back. I went in his room when he wasn't home and took it. Told his daddy I went through his stuff. I was no longer allowed to go over there.
  • Told her family I was abusive. They knew better she just wanted the money off her back for cheating on me!
  • How didnt he? That's more the question. Sure I messed up BUT at least I can own up to my mistakes.. we will just leave things at that.
  • Told everyone I was a stage 5 clinger.. however, he was really leading me on and cheating on me behind my back.
  • Married the only person I dated so no Ex.
  • Had crazy woman friends try to sabotage me, he also went behind my back in our separation and tried to act oblivious.
  • Cheated on me for a year. Got another girl pregnant. - I was completely unaware. And then tried to say it was my fault
  • BIP: Told everyone I was abusive, a manipulative liar and cheater when she was the one lying and cheating.
  • Painted me as a bad father, took child support the whole time and told my son it was because of me he couldn't get stuff or do stuff. Karmas a real thing though as he is now 17 and I have had custody of him for the last 2 years... #iwin
  • my douchebag ex-husband went to my grandmother and my aunt and uncle and my kids and told them that I had cheated on him and that's why we were getting divorced and then reality he was the one who was cheating but he wanted to make himself look good hence the name EX
  • My ex thought he was too awesome of a guy to break up with that he told other the only reason could be that I got back with one of my exes... so not the case buddy just didn’t want to be with you because you weren’t that great of a guy!!
  • My ex was just texting me last night asking if he has a son for Christmas. We divorced this year and signed a custody agreement in May. He has two older kids and I mirrored our custody agreement to match theirs so he always had the kids together. we did not have his kids Christmas morning last year It was a big ordeal because his mom wanted to come over to see our son open presents and then come back at 10 a.m. to see the other kids and I said no so she unfriended me on Facebook! Now my ex says he doesn't have the kids until 10:00 a.m. on Christmas even tho they have switched for 6 years and I know what their court order is better than both parents do. So now he says I am selfish and such a wonderful mother for keeping our son away from his siblings on Christmas When in reality his beef is with his other baby mama!
  • An ex friend but he and I went to a gay bar. He FINALLY figured out he was gay (I knew since middle school). The fguy he made out with at the bar took him under his wing. They through it was a good idea to prank call me with him pretending he was getting a BJ. He had been selfish and manipulative over the years of our friendship so this was the last straw. So I told him we were done being friends. He retaliated and called me homophobic. Thankfully our mutual friends knew how he was and by the time I told them what had happened they were already on my side because his version was so outlandish and dramatic that they nearly always took it with a grain of salt. I'm still bitter to this day that he tried to turn our friends against me because HE messed up.
  • Told the court I was HIV positive and gave it to him. Proved him wrong when the court made him take another test and it was negative but it took almost a year of testing every three months for my son and I before the court was really sure we were negative.

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