So how did we get to this topic of folding our underwear? Well, it all started on Tuesday during 'Christine-ology' when I talked about the woes of doing laundry, and specifically putting all your clothes away. In response, we got a message from someone who became the subject of our RANDO TEXO on Wednesday. She simply said:

Seriously??! Who folds underwear and why?! Ugh. Such a waste of time

We had members of the Click of Six chime in on their thoughts and I was surprised (and happy) to see the amount of people who do fold their underwear. For example,

Me! I do. It’s my type A personality. I love an organized drawer.


Yes fold the underwear!! I’m a professional organizer and being able to open a a drawer to see it tidy is such a relief!


I fold all of my family’s underwear. It just makes it all more “neat” and easier to find what you’re looking for.

But, of course, there were the naysayers as well.

Nope- just toss it all in the drawer.


Wash and toss.


Boxers get folded.. the rest gets tossed/wadded

As someone who loves to organize and keep things neat, I decided to make a "how to" video on folding underwear. I used the "square method" which leaves your panties in the shape of a square. Trust me, these few extra steps are SO worth it. Plus, if nothing else, I give you a peek into my underwear drawer. Check it out in the video.

Reasons Why You Should Fold Your Underwear:

  1. Saves space
  2. Saves time - putting on underwear is one of the first things we do so instead of wasting time going through your messy pile trying to find what you want, you could easily pick what you want since everything is folded and organized.
  3. Reduces Wrinkles
  4. Makes you feel better - there are studies that prove being organized makes you feel better and in turn improves your mental health better.
  5. Saves space when packing a suitcase - we all want to fit a few extra things in our luggage when traveling so rolling your clothes/underwear makes the most out of your suitcase space.
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