It's Tuesday which means it's time for another segment of 'Christine-ology' -- a look into the brain of Christine.

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Adulting is one of the worst things about being an adult. It’s the things we don’t want to do but have to do.

But out of all the annoyances of adulting let’s talk about one particular task. The most daunting of them all.

No it’s not dealing with finances, going grocery shopping, or cleaning the house. It’s not even having to schedule your own appointments.

To some, it might be one of the easiest parts of adulting.

Have you figured it out yet?

Here’s a hint: The loads just keep piling on.

I’m talking about laundry. The never-ending task.

The separating of the clothes, the loading of the wash, remembering to take them out of the dryer, folding… there’s so many steps! But the worst part is actually putting it all away. 

Hanging your shirts in the color-coordinated area they belong in your closet, putting socks and underwear in their proper place, and don’t even get me started on bed sheets because I somehow have to make a crumbled fitted sheet fit in the closet.

Putting laundry away is the worst! Sometimes my clothes will sit in the basket for a week. I’m ashamed to admit at times it’s been longer. But last night, a rarity occurred. I immediately put ALL my laundry away. My towels, jeans, blankets, sweat pants, and the random bra I wore last week. I got it all done. It took almost an hour but I did it!

So the point of today’s Christine-ology is just to toot my own horn for being an adult. *TOOT TOOT!*

What is the worst part of adulting for you?

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