Over the next few weeks we're giving you a chance at winning $1,000 twice a day. All you have to do is enter the code word you're given here.

But have you thought about what you would do with the money if you won?! Sure, you can pay your bills or invest it but its EXTRA cash in your wallet... at least use some of it to do something fun around town.

If you win the thousand here are some ways you can spend it around the Grand Rapids area:

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    Go on a Shopping Spree

    DUH! Who wouldn't want to go on a shopping spree?! Or you can put the thousand towards one really nice thing like one of those fancy massage chairs that they sell at Brookstone.

    Don't want to waste it all one thing? Just think of all the stuff you can buy on sale! With so many stores going out of business, now is the time to take advantage of all those final sales.

    Between Woodland and Rivertown Mall and the Tanger Outlets I'm sure you can find something to spend your winnings on (lots and lots of shoes)!

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    Food & Drinks

    There are so many amazing restaurants in the Grand Rapids area that you can treat yourself to. From burgers to pizza to sushi... the options are endless.

    If you're feelin fancy, put on your best outfit and take a special someone out for a nice dinner. You've got lots of romantic restaurants in G.R. to choose from.

    And let's not forget that it's BEER CITY USA so it really isn't hard to spend money on alcohol here. In fact, Grand Rapids was the number two city in Michigan that had the most alcohol sales.

    There's always a new restaurant or brewery popping up in the greater Grand Rapids area so after you win your $1,000 go celebrate!

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    Register for Insane Inflatable 5K!

    This is unlike any other 5K because you will be running and racing through giant inflatables! It's fun for everyone, no matter what age you are or if you even have an athletic bone in your body.

    Insane Inflatable 5K will be at Millenium Park on June 24th. General admission is $49 but since you now have an extra grand go all out and spend the $100 on the All Access Pass. Register here.

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    Get a Membership to the Zoo!

    Now that the weather is warmer, the John Ball Zoo is one of the best activities to get you out of the house and kill a few hours.

    But, instead of having to pay each time you visit the zoo, just pay once and become a member! You get to enjoy tons of benefits as a member and depending on the level you purchase, the benefits get greater. Check them out here.

    Just be careful of the poop-throwing chimp ;)

  • Christine George/TSM
    Christine George/TSM

    Get a Membership to Frederik Meijer Gardens

    Since you just got a membership to the zoo, you might as well go and get one for Frederik Meijer Gardens too. Trust me, a one-time visit is not enough to the Gardens. And now is the perfect time to visit since "Butterflies are Blooming" exhibit is open through April 30th.

    As a member you get free admission for a year, discount on the summer concert series, a discount at the gift shop and you'll be invited to members-only events. Get your membership here.

    FMG is gonna be even bigger and better when expansions and additions begin this fall.

  • Matt Milhouse, TSM
    Matt Milhouse, TSM

    Buy Tickets for a Whitecaps Game

    Opening day is April 6th for the West Michigan Whitecaps and baseball season officially begins!

    You can buy single tickets for a game but why that when you can upgrade and get season tickets! A must if you're a baseball fan. The Whitecaps make it easy though cuz you can buy a full or half season's worth.

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    Anna Omelchenko/ThinkStock

    Buy Tickets to a Concert or Show

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    Google Maps

    Spend a Day at the Museum

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    Steven Bohner, Townsquare Media

    Get a Shipt Membership

    It's been all the hype lately... groceries delivered to your door!

    Shipt officially began delivering Meijer groceries on March 29th and it's a great investment if grocery shopping is one of the chores that you just don't have time for (or feel like doing).

    You can pay a monthly fee OR just pay a one-time fee of $99 and that covers the entire year! Less than $100 and you never have to worry about going into the store yourself? Definitely worth it!

    Get signed up with Shipt here.

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    Terry Johnston Photography

    Get Tickets for Grand Rapids on Tap

    Grand Rapids on Tap is back for the 5th year on July 15th and if you're into craft beer, than put this on your calendar of summer events.

    The event will be at Calder Plaza from 3-7p and you'll get to sample over 100 craft beers around the country. Of course there will be food too ;)

    Tickets are $30 and include 15 drink tickets plus a souvenir glass. Prices go up to $35 after April 30th so get them now. Or you can always splurge and hook your friends up by buying group tickets... 10 for the price of 8!

    Get your tickets for Grand Rapids on Tap here.

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