Nick the intern here with a tale from my personal life. The other night my girlfriend and I were fast asleep when  we were blasted awake by a pounding on our door at 2 am.

I ran to the door thinking that a family member was in a  terrible accident or something horrible happened. Who did I find but my neighbor irate that my girlfriend, Gina parked in a spot that was cleared of snow by the neighbor. Gina got home around 11:30pm and wasn't figuring anyone else would come home. Now I can understand wanting a spot you cleared but is it worth waking up your neighbors late at night for? Here's a letter I'm giving her today. Was this the right way to handle this situation?



          My name is Nick and I live above you with my girlfriend Gina. This note is about the misunderstanding that occurred on the 8th at 2 am. We feel that there are many things that we don’t know about each other as neighbors. I do know that you work for the Rapid and the people that you have to deal with must be insane. I know just from a few interactions with individuals of the #1. On a day to day basis that must be trying. So, when you get home after a hard day I can appreciate that you want to park easily in the spot that your boyfriend cleared for you. What you may not know about us is we were not out to steal the cleared spot because we were too lazy to clear our own. Gina came home that night at 11:30pm after a hard day of work thinking that no one else was coming home. I’ve been sick (and so has Gina) or Gina would have had her very own cleared spot prior to this incident. After learning this about us we hope you reassess your handling of the situation. Respectfully, as an adult the appropriate handling might be clearing a spot and talking to us at time that fits both our busy schedules. I’m feeling a bit better and it took about three minutes to clear out a spot for us. Please take a load off, enjoy some beer and come talk with us just not at 2 am. We could have a beer together!

Your Neighbors,

Nick and Gina apt. 5

P.S. – I’m sorry but I completely blanked on your name but as animal lovers we love seeing Zoey out and about. Also, other annoyances might be me walking by your window at 5 am and turning that light on. I work in radio and at Founders.  Gina is a wonderful artist and is going back to school to become a teacher.