As the warm weather is finally starting to be consistent, it is understandable to get excited.

However, with warm weather comes the pest!

One of the deadliest creatures loves to thrive during this time of year.

I do not know about you but I would like to avoid these creatures at all times!

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Deadliest Creature

What is the deadliest creature that is affecting (or about to affect) Michigan?

They happen to be the most annoying creatures as well.



Don't laugh! I am being serious! Mosquitoes are nothing to play with.

The Michigan Mosquito Control Association agrees with me.

Mosquitoes are by far the most dangerous animals on earth. It is hard to comprehend the amount of disease and the resulting sickness, death, and economic loss caused by the mosquito. Some scientists estimate between 500 and 700 million people get malaria worldwide each year. That's more than twice the entire population of the United States each year.

Different Species

Michigan Mosquito Control Association says that,

Of the 60 different species of mosquitoes found in Michigan many are known to be vectors (carriers or transporters) of important diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, and the California Group of encephalitis.

If you are confused just like I am, you are not alone. However, all of these diseases do not sound like something you want to mess with.


Major Michigan Mosquito Groups

If you are seeing mosquitos in Michigan, the three types are:

Permanent Water Mosquitoes

Permanent Water Mosquitoes can be found in swamps, ponds, sewage ponds/lagoons, and ditches that do not dry up.

Floodwater Mosquitos

Floodwater Mosquitos can be found in places that are temporarily flooded thought-out the year.

Within this group, there are two groups of floodwater mosquitos: the spring floodwater mosquitos and the summer floodwater mosquitos.

Artificial Container/Tree Hole Mosquitos

These are the ones you may see the most often since the artificial container/tree hole mosquitos can be found in discarded tires, rain buckets, or anything that may have held water.

Be prepared this summer because they are back!

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