You've heard about kids swallowing things or maybe you've accidentally swallowed something that you didn't mean to... but this is definitely a first!

A video has gone viral of a young boy named Anthony who is in the hospital because he swallowed a dog toy!

In the video (below) you can hear a woman (who is assumed to be his Mom) asking Anthony why he's in the emergency room and he responds "I inhaled a doggy toy." She asks"how can you tell?" and his response is by the squeakiness every time he breathes!

According to a doctor, who spoke with TODAY, said that Anthony probably didn't swallow the entire toy itself, because that would've blocked his airways, but the metal noise box instead.

Regardless, this is definitely a [funny] first!

What did you or your kid(s) accidentally swallow?

I knew kids who have swallowed pennies or an eraser. I swallowed an ice cube while talking once and thought I was going to choke to death LOL. Yes, I know it would've melted but in the moment it was scary. -Christine.

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