There's all sorts of weird stuff on the bottom of the Grand River, and now I'm beginning to wonder if most of it should just be left there. 

These magnet fishermen hauled a World War II Sherman Tank shell casing out of the Grand River this weekend, which prompted a call to the Grand Rapids Police, who then had the bomb squad shut down the Sixth Street Bridge.

Which makes me wonder, maybe it's best if we don't know what is on the bottom of the Grand River.

The adventure started innocently enough for these magnet fisherman, until one of them hauled in a pretty good sized shell.

Not knowing if the shell was live or not, the fishermen alertly notified the GRPD, who shut down the bridge until the bomb squad could get there.

It turns out the shell was a 75 mm shell normally used in Sherman tanks during battle in World War II. Whether it was live or not remains to be determined. The bomb squad captain thinks it was a training device, but he needed to confirm that with military experts.

In an interview near the end of the video with the bomb squad captain, the captain admits that they've pulled up five pieces of World War II ordinance in the last two years.


The shell was hauled out of the river by YouTubers Rustic Treasure Hunters, who posted the video over the weekend.


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