You're going to love Adalyn when you meet her!

She's a 2-year-old Pitbull and she's got such a fun personality and wiggles her body when she gets excited... it's the cutest thing ever! She has this really cute brindle color and a big smile on her face. Keep in mind that Adalyn is only 2 which means she's still got a lot of puppy in her. She's very energetic so she's going to need someone who can keep up with her and won't mind taking her on walks. Otherwise, Adalyn will do great in any type of home and family.

However, Adalyn can be a bit dog-selective. It's always encouraged to do a dog-to-dog meeting before adopting so if you already have a dog at home, bring him or her into the Humane Society of West Michigan and see how they get along.

If you're interested in Adalyn go visit her today because today will be your last day to adopt her for only $75. Currently, all adult dogs (5 months and up) are $100 off so $75 but you have until 7p tonight to take advantage of it!

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

Spring Break Camp is currently underway at the Humane Society but registration is now open for Summer Camps, which begin in June. There are many sessions to choose from so check out the descriptions for each class and see what your child(ren) would be interested in. More info about summer camps can be found here.

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