If you love dogs but don't necessarily have space or can't take care of a big dog, consider Anna the 10-year-old Chihuahua!

Anna was recently transferred to the Humane Society of West Michigan from Kalamazoo. Not much is known about her history but she is currently housed with a dog her size and they do wonderful together. She has a lot of love to give - chihuahuas can actually live as long as 20 so don't let her age discourage you. In fact, her age is the reason she's FREE to adopt! Because of her calm demeanor, she should go to a home with older respectful children.

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month so the Humane Society has some great tips on how to keep your dog safe and from escaping:

  • Consider an invisible fence
  • Fenced in yard
  • Don't allow free-roaming walks
  • Collars and ID tags
  • Microchip your pets
  • Be extra careful when taking your pet to another location like the vet (use a harness or carrying cage)
  • Train your pet to come when called, or how to sit at a door