The Humane Society of West Michigan brought in Rocky for Christine's Pet of the Week.

He's a 2 1/2-year-old Hound Mix who was just transferred to the humane society this

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

week. He's fun-loving, seems to do great with people and is super cute! If you have children, or another dog, in your home, you can always bring them to the humane society to see how everyone gets along before you commit to adopting Rocky. However, just from what I saw, I think he'll fit into any type of family situation.

SAVE THE DATE! This Saturday, April 29th is BISSELL Pet Foundation's 'Empty the Shelter' all across Michigan. BISSELL teamed up with over 60 different shelters and rescue organizations around the state to help "empty the shelters." In order to do so, BISSELL is covering ALL adoption fees. Whether you choose to do adopt a dog, cat, rabbit or even a chicken... BISSELL is taking care of the cost. The only thing you are responsible for is the licensing fee, which varies county to county. Note that puppies and kittens are NOT included the fee-waived adoption fees.

BISSELL will also be providing pet parents with an AdoptBox which will include things like toys, treats, collars, bowls, etc, etc etc... basically all the things you need to be set up for success. Follow BISSELL on Facebook and Instagram because they will be posting all day on Saturday to let you know the status of the shelters.

If you plan on adopting from the Humane Society of West Michigan this Saturday, save time by getting pre-approved before the actual day of the event. Not only is it one less thing for you to have to worry about but all those who pre-adopt will get early access into the Humane Society on Saturday from 11a-12p. Those who are not pre-approved can adopt between 12p to 4p. Expect LONG lines so arrive early!

Finally, summer is going to be here before you know it so get the kids signed up for Summer Camp at the Humane Society. Half day and full-day sessions are available so take a look at the description of classes and see what works for you and your kid(s). Summer camp begins June 19th and will run until August.