What are the odds?!

Twin brothers, Justin and Josh Thorington, from Traverse City, have double the reason to celebrate. Both brothers and their wives were expecting their first children but neither thought it would happen on the same day.

UpNorthLive reports that Josh and his wife welcomed a son on Tuesday, March 27th at 4:18 a.m. He told the news station that they were concerned when his brother wasn't at the hospital to meet his new nephew. Turns out they were on their way but Justin's wife just happened to be in labor.

And just before the midnight mark (11:43 p.m.), Justin's wife gave birth to their first child, a daughter. Neither brother expected the unthinkable to happen because the due dates were two weeks apart. They anticipate the cousins will have a lot of fun joint birthday parties in the future... until they realize that the other has cooties.