Pets are obviously a big part of our families but if you own a cat than you know the love/hate (but mostly love) relationship you have with each other.

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Cats are little buttheads and think they rule the house but they also love you unconditionally. Their sassy personalities are too cute to resist.

PR Newswire reported on a study [on cat litter] done by Arm & Hammer found that 97% of people say their cats have a positive impact on their lives. While 9 in 10 consider them one of their children.

Some other findings include:

  • 25% would rather cuddle with their cat than their significant other.
  • 59% of cat owners have given their cat a nickname.
  • 90% of people talk to their cats and majority answer their cat's meows.
  • 50% of people buy their cats presents and dress them up for the holidays.
Christine George/Townsquare Media

Most people also said that their idea of relaxation is at home... with their cat.

86% of male and female cat owners find it more relaxing to be at home with their cat than to go for a run or to the gym."

We;re crazy cat people for a reason!

Harlee - This is how she tries to get her way [Christine George/Townsquare Media][/caption] 

But I do know that all pet owners probably feel the same way, no matter what kind of animal they have.