When it comes time to ordering a drink, what is your drink of choice? And not the drink that you feel like you should order but rather the one you WANT?

Contrary to popular belief, it's not only woman who like fruity drinks. If anything, men aren't letting on how much they actually love the fruity drinks. Stoli® vodka has a new summer campaign where they are encouraging men, especially the millennials, to #DrinkWhatYouWant. It's supposed to make men feel confident in their drink of choice and not be bothered social stigmas.

According to PR Newswire, in conjunction with the campaign, Stoli conducted a survey of almost 1,500 Americans (21 and up, obviously) and the results found that 74% of men like flavored/fruity alcoholic drinks HOWEVER 63% of them won't order it because they're afraid of what people will think of them. In addition, 41% of millennial men think what you're drinking determines your masculinity compared to previous generations.

The survey also found that 53% of millennial men care what people think of them when ordering drinks. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from the baby boomer generation because only 7% of boomer men care what people think.

Overall, men - stop caring what people think of you and enjoy your drink. Because truth of the matter is... the majority of us don't care.

Below is an example of a promotional video from Stoli encouraging you to #DrinkWhatYouWant

You can also show off how manly you are on Instagram. Stoli is challenging men to take pictures of themselves drinking what they want and using the hashtag.

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