Okay, not exactly. We aren't talking enhancement drugs or anything, but a new phenomenon called "redshirting" has similar intentions.It's the age old dilemma; is your kid ready to start kindergarten, or do they need another year to mature? It used to be a sign of intelligence and advancement to be the young, child prodigy of your grade. Apparently, among some wealthier, white families, this is no longer the case.

Researchers at Stanford and The University of Virginia, have found parents are purposely putting off enrolling their kids in kindergarten. This is in an effort to have, theoretically, the biggest and most intelligent kid in the class. They've coined the term "redshirting", typically a sports reference, when a coach will bench a first year player in order for them to further develop their skills before making their debut in an actual game.

Understandable if your child really does need additional time to mature, but holding back a perfectly capable kid so he'll be a few inches taller than everyone else..seems a bit extreme.

[Source: ABC News]