Today on the show we had a Rando Texto from a brother-in-pain who had a question about picking up the check on the first date. A girl asked him out and they went out to dinner and when they got the check, he figured she would pay since she asked him out. Well, when he passed the check to her, she looked at it and said “oh, that’s not too bad for what we ordered” and the passed it back. He ended up paying and wants to know who should have picked up the bill. Also on the show, we dive into the Jeopardy drama with some naughty audio surfacing from the new host, we played a brand new game where Christine and Steve had to guess which howls were coming from humans and which one from a dog, and would you buy a table with a hole in it so your cat can pop their head through and see what's up? All of that and much more on today's show!

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Mini Picnic Table Squirrel Feeders are THE BEST