Carmen Higbee was headed home Saturday morning from the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market with her young daughter when she noticed she needed gas.  She pulled into one gas station, only to realize they were out of gas.  So she decided to try to make it to the next gas station 2 miles down the road.  Unfortunately, she was unable to make it and ran completely out of gas.

She called a tow truck to bring gas and they told her it would be at least an hour.  If you remember temps Saturday were well over 90 with a heat index closer to 100.  Being concerned about her baby, she called the Kalamazoo police for assistance; so she and her daughter could sit in the air conditioning while they waited.

Soon Public Safety Officer Stuglik arrived, and helped the mom and her baby cool off.  While they were cooling off, Officer Stuglik told Carmen to cancel the tow truck; instead she called a fellow officer to bring a gas can.  After putting gas in Carmen’s car, Officer Stuglik then followed Carmen to the nearest gas station to make sure they were able to make it safely.

While they were waiting for the officer with the gas can to show up, Carmen asked Officer Stuglik if she’d like to hold her daughter, which brought about the biggest smile from Officer Stuglik.   This precious moment also brought about a real thought from Carmen:

I got to thinking about all that has been going on with police officers. They aren't just police officers, they are normal people just like us! These men and women only want to do good, they have hearts too. Don't let the very few who aren't, be the image you portray for all of them. This is what police officers do. This is why they matter!

Well said Carmen, and thanks for highlighting such a great moment! Kudos to Officer Stuglik and her fellow officer for helping out in such a big way!  #LOVEconquersHate