WeLoveDexter.com posted a story that reminds us there is still SO MUCH good in the world!

According to welovedexter.com, they were emailed a story from a retired Washtenaw County Sherriff’s deputy, Harry Valentine.

It happened Wednesday at the Riverview Café in Dexter, Michigan when a group of 25 retired and current Washtenaw County law enforcement personnel went out for a breakfast and a sort of reunion.  After they had all caught up and were about to leave, that’s when they were told about the good deed that had happened to ALL of them.

Someone in the restaurant had paid the bill for all 25 of them! How awesome is that!  They have no idea who did it because the Good Samaritan wished to remain anonymous, but such a great reminder that there is plenty of PEOPLE DOING GOOD still in the world!

Here’s the full email from welovedexter.com

“We wanted to express our appreciation for of an act of kindness that happened on Feb 28th 2018 in the Riverview Cafe, Dexter, Michigan. Twenty-five retired and current Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies, corrections officers, and dispatchers gathered at the Riverview Cafe to eat breakfast, visit and enjoy each other’s company. Some had not seen each other in over 20 years.

“To our surprise when it came time to pay our bills, the staff informed us some kind person who wished to remain nameless had paid for all 25 breakfast orders. It was an act of kindness and support that moved everyone at the table. To that kind individual, thank you from all of us and thank you to the Riverview Cafe for good food, good service and a friendly atmosphere.”

– Harry Valentine, Washtenaw County Sheriff Retired


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