This is an awesome story of People Doing Good and just in time for Christmas.

MLive posted a great story from Bay City where the true meaning of Christmas was present when Greg Buzzard and his family became our latest People Doing Good Story.

According to MLive, RoRo’s Restaurant located inside City Market which is downtown Bay City has had a bit of a slow period, and that’s caused a strain on Michelle the owner who was behind on her rent to City Market and also on her car payment.

News spread of Michelle’s predicament and that’s when Greg stepped in and changed everything.

When Greg heard what was going on, he decided he wanted to help out his neighbor.  So he went home and talked to his 10 and 13-year-old sons, and his 20-year-old daughter about this Christmas being lean, meaning no presents this year because they had a chance to do something even bigger.

What Greg told MLive about his family’s response, is what Hallmark Christmas movies are made of:

"They actually said,' Dad, Christmas isn't about presents under the tree -- you taught us that. It's about taking care of other people,'" Buzzard said. "I'm not an emotional guy, but that brought a tear to this old man's eye."

MLive reports that Friday, December 1st, Greg invited Michelle over to present her with the gift.  He and his family had paid off the $3,000 left on Michelle’s car loan.  He told MLive that knowing the restaurant was her dream, as his place is his dream, he had to help out.

The last line of the MLive story from Greg is the best:

"This is the thing, the Lord doesn't give you a dream that matches your bank account all the time," he said. "I think she's going to be just fine."

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