A nasty and deadly dog virus has been reported near Metro Detroit and doctors are saying it’s one that you may be able to spread to your animal without knowing. 

WXYZ-TV in Detroit is reporting that there is not a name as of yet for the sickness and that Veterinarians are saying that the symptoms are flu like which can include severe abdominal pain, vomiting and even bloody diarrhea. So far, six dogs in Ann Arbor have died within 24 hours of becoming ill.

Dr. Lindsay Ruland of the Emergency Veterinary Hospital told WXYZ-TV that “Traditionally we don't pass viruses to our pets. This year, I think that there is potential that we are passing it to our pets.”

As of now no humans have died or been diagnosed but in order to help prevent the spreading of germs, doctors are recommending people wash their hands and use hand sanitizer on a frequent basis. It is still unknown as of now if the virus can be spread to other pets since it’s only been reported in dogs.