Rob’s People” of course are people who do stupid things and then get caught. Pretty much the story of my childhood (except I was just a dumb kid, not a law breaker.) Now that you know what “Rob’s People” are… here’s the story:

This happened somewhere in China, but a new Bride and Groom were leaving their wedding on a scooter, when they went over a speed bump and the Bride fell off.  Her new husband was blissfully unaware that he lost his rider.  OR he was so embarrassed he felt he should keep on going!  Either way, a stranger stopped and helped her.

Who's the Rob's People?  The husband for sure... He gets a wife, then loses her and doesn't even stop.  Heck from the looks of the video, he's completely unaware he's lost someone  who WANTED to be with him... making him definitely one of "Rob's People"

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