Rob’s People” of course are people who do stupid things and then get caught. Pretty much the story of my childhood (except I was just a dumb kid, not a law breaker.) Now that you know what “Rob’s People” are… here’s the story:

Michael Thomas Brown is obviously running for class president of Rob’s People.  Back on July 2nd, he left the Sagebrush Cantina restaurant in Lake Orion, around 2:15 a.m.  A few blocks up the road, he decided to a quick burnout in the street.

(in case you don’t know what a burnout is…)

Well, there was an officer at the stoplight a block back who caught it all.   So of course, the officer turned on his emergency lights, pulled up next to the motorcycle and got out of his patrol car to talk to the rider.  That’s when Michael took off; he ran a stop sign and then disappeared.  Police were unable to catch up to him, and they really had no other information to catch him.

That is, until he pulled a classic “Rob’s People” move.

On July 4th, Michael went on Facebook and started bragging about how he fled from Lake Orion Police. He even bragged about how he took off the moment the police officer put his car in park and that he was going as fast as 140 miles per hour; the speed limit where this happened, 35 m.p.h.  He also hashtagged his post with #nojailthisweekend and #everyonelovedit.

Someone sent a screen shot to police and it was all the info they needed for an arrest.

He ended up turning himself in a few days ago and was charged with one count of fleeing a police officer, which is a five-year felony, and one count of reckless driving.  He was released on bond and is due in court in august.

Of course the running from the police and then bragging about it is definitely what puts him in Rob’s People and gets him to the front of the class.. but the burnout is a close second.  Tires are too expensive to waste like that; ain’t nobody got time for that!


source: WZZM

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